An Interview with Water Trash

Water Trash has successfully mastered the art of generating the ultimate hybrid between delight and dynamism within their body of work. Their masterfulness lies in the fact that they are sonically exploratory, for no two of their songs sound the same. This can be attested to the band’s creative tenacity, as they effortlessly alternate from a myriad of stylistic avenues within their latest self-titled album.

For instance, the album opens with “Couch Party,” a track that exudes an intoxicating, infectious groove that is incredibly addictive to the ear. Percussion soaked and complete with rich vocals, the track makes quite the auditory impression – especially with its signature twangy, intricate guitar riff. On the creative contrary is “Elevator,” which radiates an addictive resonance that is entirely alluring to the ear. It is immensely dynamic, effortlessly transitioning between light and dark tones within the verses and the chorus respectively. The track asserts Water Trash as bona fide rockers – something society desperately needs in a world filled with Arianas and Taylors dominating the majority of airplay and charts.

From the entrancing bittersweetness of “Prom Song” to the quiet power of “Sleep,” Water Trash has proven themselves as pure musical innovators. AMPLIFY was fortunate enough to ask Water Trash a handful of questions about what they’re into aside from music, what their dream collaboration would sound like, as well as what’s in store for Water Trash’s future. Read on, friends.



AMPLIFY: What’s the origin story of Water Trash?

Water Trash:  We all met when we were about 12 and we would just write and jam 24/7. We were never serious about it up until now, we were just having a blast.

AMPLIFY: How would you articulate the band’s artistic growth?

Water Trash:  I would say the thing we progressed the most on is production. We used to place a microphone in the center of the room and just soak it in so much reverb. Now we really try our best to construct decent sounding recordings.

AMPLIFY: Is there a certain album that is of particular importance to you?

Water Trash:  I personally love Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd just because it’s so filled with imperfections but it’s absolutely perfect.

AMPLIFY:  Which aspect of the creative process brings you the most joy?

Water Trash: I think hearing the final product on a song that you’ve spent hours recording and mixing feels the most satisfying.

AMPLIFY: Do you have a favorite memory from any of your live performances?

Water Trash: One show a few people out of the crowd started chicken fighting during our set.

AMPLIFY: If Water Trash could collaborate with any artist/band – living or dead – who would you select and what would that collaboration sound like?

Water Trash: GG Allin, we would create some smooth jazz.

AMPLIFY: Outside of music, what other interests or hobbies do you have?

Water Trash: Hanging out with friends and watching the Eric Andre Show.

AMPLIFY: If you could change one aspect of the contemporary music industry, what would it be and why?

Water Trash: Nothing.

AMPLIFY: Which aspect of Water Trash’s creative work are you most proud of?

Water Trash:  I really like “Couch Party” or “Lucy.”

AMPLIFY: Lastly, what’s coming up next for Water Trash?

Water Trash: We started recording our second album today, I’d say we are all pretty excited for that.


Ready for some tunes? Click here to listen to Water Trash on bandcamp. To keep up with Water Trash, click here and here to see what they’re up to on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

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