We Need to Discuss “Bullshit” by Dune Rats

It’s a hallmark aspect of the human experience to ultimately realize that life can get pretty damn shitty every now and then. It doesn’t matter of you always pay your bills on time, drink enough water to successfully evade a hangover, or masterfully tame your road rage when some asshole cuts you off: no one walking this earth is immune to dealing with stupid crap that seemingly arises for no reason. Everyone’s dealt with an individual whose incompetence or essence has driven them to the brink of sanity, a series of mildly agitating events occurring all in one day to the point where they build up and mentally push oneself over the edge, days where nothing seems to go right, and days where everything goes right – until the very end when something ultimately goes wrong. Sometimes, the simple act of being a functioning human being can be pretty fucking annoying – mostly because shit happens, and it isn’t always easy to understand why.

“Bullshit,” a song by Australian rock trio Dune Rats, harnesses this feeling and turns it into a three minute sonic blast of unapologetically raw energy. Like every song within the Dune Rats’ discography, the musical aspect of “Bullshit” is outstanding as hell. However, this piece is going to be more geared towards the song’s message. For there’s a power that comes with being pissed off, and Dune Rats seem to be acutely aware of this. The poignant, deeply humanistic lyrics serve as the ultimate catharsis for anyone and everyone living near the edge of their breaking point.

For example, two of the most commonly repeated lyrics within the song are “Everything you say is bullshit” and “I’m a little messed up.” Holy shit, when was the last time a song was this real, this refreshing? Just merely reading the line of “Everything you say is bullshit” triggers a montage of people in my head I’ve always wanted to say that to (shoutout to about 60% of my old high school teachers and the “President”), and I can only imagine it incites a similar reaction within others.  Especially as a young person, there are so many times where society wrongly tells us to blindly obey authority and any systems and processes in play; how many times has the word “bullshit” been sitting inside our mouths, clawing to escape? Honestly, probably way too many. Though we many want to speak out at times, it may not always be safe or comfortable to do so. However, this song sets it free. This song unleashes all the “bullshits” we’ve ever wanted to call on our teachers, bosses, friends, family members, government officials, and the like that we’ve had to swallow back down our throats for whatever reason. But, not anymore. “Bullshit” takes those silent fuck you’s and channels them into a rollicking and resonant rock song.

And then of course, there’s “I’m a little messed up.” It’s about damn time a lyric so simple yet striking came to fruition. Everyone is guilty of floating around, acting cool and composed at all times. We hide our flaws and quirks, conveying ourselves as a nonhuman who seemingly never encounters a bad day. This particular lyric calls bullshit (ha ha ha) on this toxic societal habit, as it calls attention to the fact that, well, everyone’s got some dark shit going on. We’re all a little damaged and screwed up – but that’s okay. It’s even normal, for fuck’s sake.

“Bullshit” is such an incredibly unique song because it celebrates what most would consider to be negative emotions. Dune Rats challenge this notion, proving that anger can yield an incomparable fearlessness and that admitting to oneself that they’re “a little fucked up” can be incredibly freeing in its own right as well. Whether this was intended or not, “Bullshit” is a song about self acceptance. It’s about finding your voice, your power, and using it to say that you’re pissed off and maybe even a little damaged – but there isn’t anything wrong with that.

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