Artist Spotlight: Adventure Lost

People are inherently appealed by journeys. Whether it be a “rags-to-riches” tale about the life of a successful business owner, Homer’s The Odyssey, or a fluffy film about a family road trip that has gone into a state of disarray – it cannot be denied that people find something intriguing about the embarking and exploring that comes with setting out to fulfill some grand plan or goal. Perhaps people are so intrigued by journeys because they are deeply human experiences; they involve fear, hope, strife, and fulfillment. This exact conceptual and cerebral appeal  is ever present within Going Back to Sleep, the latest album from Philadelphia based rock group Adventure Lost.

Going Back to Sleep serves as the ultimate auditory journey, venturing down winding paths, cavernous tunnels, and into the stratosphere. This is true not only within the musicality, but within the lyrics as well – which are deeply poignant and detail the often overwhelming experience of being washed with the rawest of human emotions. Exemplary of this masterful creative concoction is “Istanbul,” a track that is intensely intricate and displays a pristine integration of just the right amount of grit. Adventure Lost conveys their craftsmanship as they effortlessly execute smooth dynamic and stylistic transitions throughout the entirety of the song’s duration. Like a sharp clap of thunder, “Istanbul” captures and maintains the attention of the ear and mind alike.

On the stylistic contrary, “I Won’t Wait (Dangerous)” contains a certain theatrical element  that is used to a fitting degree of intensity, hence making it clear that there’s no such thing as a sound or style that Adventure Lost can’t master. “Blue Down” is psychedelia in its finest form, a complete out-of-body experience catalyzed by sound. “Dream of Dying” is intensely human, whereas “Death By Dreaming” exudes an infectiously rollicking groove right off the bat that is sonically juxtaposed by cavernous, dreamlike vocals.

Going Back to Sleep asserts Adventure Lost as an innovative group of musicians who intelligently evades the exceedingly common artistic pitfall of having each track within their discography sound like slightly altered versions from one another. Adventure Lost is evidently artistically exploratory in their work, and therefore they are doing more than simply making music – they are truly creating. 

Time to treat your ears: click here to listen to Adventure Lost on bandcamp.



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