Bleach Party Gives Surf Rock a Razor Sharp Edge

The music of Chicago’s Bleach Party is like the first rays of sun that streak across the sky after endless days of grey: it’s invigorating, refreshing, and yields the power to lift one’s mood and revive the soul. The powerhouse quartet – comprised of Meghan MacDuff, Bart Pappas, Richard Giraldi, and Kaylee Preston- possesses innate musical capabilities to blend a variety of sonic facets in order to create a wholeheartedly enjoyable sound that is every bit their own.

While Bleach Party’s overall sound could be largely blanketed as “surf rock,” that categorization is only scraping the surface at best. While elements of surf rock are indeed present, Bleach Party’s sound is highly nuanced with a plentiful variety to the point where their work cannot be pinned down to or defined by merely one genre alone-they have truly forged their own artistic path. This characteristic is a hallmark of any innovative artist(s), when the work is heavily multifaceted to the point where one cannot put their finger on an all-encompassing descriptor. This directly speaks to the high degree of artistic innovation at hand, and it is something that Bleach Party has indisputably accomplished within their existing discography.

The track “Thought I’d Seen A Ghost” perfectly exemplifies this ability. In short, the track encompasses the sound that would have manifested if the folks at CBGB had thrown a party on a beach – a delightful nexus of adrenalized punk rock with a sprinkling of sweet sunniness. The track is sonically infectious, soaked with rollicking percussion and exciting melodic interplay between the guitars. MacDuff exudes both talent and energy as a vocalist, creating the ultimate stylistic mix of snarl and skill. Of a similar vein is “Bad Dreams,” a track that showcases Bleach Party as a creative force to be reckoned with. “Bad Dreams” serves as the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail as it brings raw kinetic energy together with a dash of danger and a pinch of entrancement. The song’s many smoothly-executed dynamic transitions are intriguing to the ear and mind alike, making the act of listening to Bleach Party’s work something of a deeper, more immersive experience.

Worth mentioning is the track “Give up the Ghost,” which excels through its bold, resonant bass line, vocal harmonies, and addictively rhythmic nature. The chorus’s riotous chant of “I will find you” is strongly invigorating, and plays in the minds of listeners long after the track’s 2:45 durations has met its close.

Perhaps a reason that the music of Bleach Party is so completely euphonious is due to the  soaring degree of instrumental potency. The work of every musician in Bleach Party is able to be heard (and, subsequently, stand out through mastery) without one musical element overpowering the other. Bleach Party has been able to skillfully combine numerous striking sonic elements in a cohesive manner, so they operate harmoniously as opposed to anything being overpowered or drowned out. Bleach Party has largely transcended what is sonically expected of artists with a “surf rock” sound; their attentiveness to creative precision and innovation has given them an edge as sharp as a razor and as strong as steel that has propelled their work into an artistic category of its own.

Ready to do some listening? Click here to visit Bleach Party’s bandcamp page.


Image credit: Bleach Party Facebook page 

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