Hey! AMPLIFY. is on a literary hiatus. Here’s what this means:

Hi, whoever is reading this!

AMPLIFY. will not be producing written content for the next few months. I’m in the final stretch of my senior year of college, which means I need to devote a healthy amount of time to job applications. With that being said, I also really want to minimize the amount of free time I spend on the internet during my last little bit of school. Basically, I want to ~be present~ for the last few months where utility bills aren’t a major issue in my life.

But fear not – if you even feared at all. I’ll still be writing for Consequence of Sound, RAMzine, and Alt Citizen during this time. My ongoing quest to give rock music all the attention it deserves via the written word forges on – just in different corners of the internet for now.

Thanks, friends! Enjoy your day.


Lindsay Teske

Editor in Chief

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