Watch: Handsomebeast Releases New Video for ‘Playboi’

Words by Will Fenwick

If you’re a fan of Will Ferrell then odds are you’re familiar with the character Ron Burgundy. You may also be familiar with his quoted term “Handsomebeast;” a word which has become personified from the Anchorman script into a five-piece up-and-coming band from Houston, TX. The five members consisting of Nick Serena, Jacob Rodriguez, Peewee Ruiz, Carlos Ortiz, and Tony Ortiz have all solidified the foundation of their specific genre labeled “space rock bump-n-grind” into the music industry and have continuously built onto this foundation over the past few years. You may already know Handsomebeast from one of their previous pieces of art including Estilo Gacho (2014), Sexy Face Reaction Time (2015), and The Badass Future (2016). As a teaser, Handsomebeast has unearthed a new astro-soul single titled “Playboi” to hold us over until their new installment is complete.

Completely filmed in one day in New Orleans, the Playboi music video takes us through a day in the life of a group of mischievous men. With a professionally dressed lead character (a.k.a. the “Playboi”), a bar fight, a woman, and a heist, the video almost makes you feel like you’re witnessing part of the James Bond on Broadway script while the welcoming, astro-soul sound fits perfectly into the action. Soon after watching the music video you’ll realize the single is just long enough for us to completely emerge into the hypnotizing sound then the music abruptly ends, but fortunately, Playboi will be the catalyst to a series of new songs about the featured character releasing this fall. Make sure to keep an ear out for the upcoming tunes from these guys!


Image taken by Daniel Jackson

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