Fizzy Blood Concocts a Delectable Rock ‘N’ Roll Elixir with New EP, “Pink Magic”

Fizzy Blood has successfully created the kind of rock ‘n’ roll you didn’t know you were craving – until now.

The Leeds-based quintet is releasing their latest EP, Pink Magic, on September 14th via Killing Moon/Alya Records. Pink Magic is a potent, magnetic elixir of melodic interplay, intrigue, grit, swagger, and clear innovative skill. In just a handful of songs, Fizzy Blood packed in an amount of substance fit for a double LP. Henceforth, Pink Magic is more than merely an EP: it is a grandeur coronation of rock titans in the making.

Each of Pink Magic’s four tracks are sonically striking in their own distinctive way, but are united through their shared sense of volcanism. Fizzy Blood mastered the precise art of invoking anticipation through sound. Each track begins with a sense of contained sonic phenomena; it is the ride to the roller coaster’s highest peak before ultimately dipping down at full velocity. This sensation auditorily manifests for each track included on Pink Magic. Intrigue of the ear is not only spiked, but hooked – unable to ignore the sensation that a Goliathan soundscape is in store.

It is.

What ensues is an eruption. It is an eruption of euphony, an eruption of melodic interplay, an eruption or rhythm, an eruption of masterfully crafted hooks, riffs, and lyrics. It is worth noting that each aforementioned element is incredibly distinctive – even within the same track. As a result, each track stands as its own patchwork quilt of varying styles, lyrical concepts, melodies, and intensities. As a result, each individual track also stands as its own immersive experience. The amount of sonic depth and variation Fizzy Blood managed to integrate into each individual track is not only impressive, but gives it an inherently exploratory nature that’s wildly addictive to the ear. Like a well-written story, each track has an incredibly clear beginning, middle, and end – leaving the listener to immerse themselves in a rock ‘n’ roll wonderland as the song progresses.

As an entity, Pink Magic is the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that will keep listeners coming back for round after round. It is a full-throttle blast of innovation, and in the process Fizzy Blood concocted their own immersive, dynamic branch of rock. They blurred and blended lines within the genre – something seldom seen – and it resulted in a completely distinctive work of auditory art. Therefore, Pink Magic does not just establish Fizzy Blood as innate craftsmen, but as pioneers in their field.

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