5 Bands You Should Be Listening To Right Now

In absolutely no particular order (since they’re all fucking amazing – otherwise they wouldn’t be on our site), here are five bands you should, without a shade of doubt, be listening to right now.


1. Orchards 

Why they rock: Very few bands can be described as a pure joy to listen to, but Orchards can – and that’s exactly what they are. Their work is effortlessly joyful, yet not without edge and swagger at the same time. With clear musical skill and emotionally resonant lyrics, Orchards constructed an effortless musical cocktail of lightness and realism. Their tracks will easily get stuck in your head, and you’ll be pretty damn grateful for that.

Standout track: Luv You 2


2. Deaf Poets

Why they rock: Deaf Poets is the answer to the prayers of rock lovers far and wide in the current rap/hip-hop dominated musical landscape. Their work is gritty, real, nuanced, and innovative. Tenacious with a hint of psychedelic sensibilities, Deaf Poets’ discography is an entrancing dark swirl of pure power. To state it simply: you won’t forget them.

Standout track: Monarchs


3. Bought It For The Bottle

Why they rock: This is an emerging band to keep your ear on. Their work is thoughtful and radiates charm. Akin to a conversation with a close friend, their work hits the ear with a sense of ease and comfort – yet is dynamic and electrically charged all at once. They’re undeniably going places, and you heard it here first.

Standout track: Didn’t Have


4. Town Criers

Why they rock: Frankly, it’s fairly obvious. When listening to their work, each individual musical element stands out yet effortlessly meld together to form something grandeur and cohesive at the same time. They’re undeniably solid, and are able to maintain a distinctive and individualistic sound in a market that is currently pretty DAMN oversaturated – don’t let the significance of that be lost on you. Their innate strength and knack for sonic innovation is undeniable, and they’ll only continue to reach higher heights as a result.

Standout track: Rip It Up


5. Gloo

Why they rock: Gloo are a pure powerhouse. Their tracks are explosive, dynamic, and radiate electricity. They’re skillful yet completely authentic, pioneering a long-deserved infusion of gusto into contemporary rock. Their latest album, A Pathetic Youth, is a motherfucking masterpiece. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that listeners will want to get wasted on night after night. Their songs are an addiction, and get ready to get hooked for life.

Standout track: Force You

Bonus standout track: Holiday, and you can click here to read the Editor in Chief’s coverage of it on Consequence of Sound

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