Water Trash Releases Sophomore Album, “No Dice”

Water Trash released their second full length album last week, No Dice. While its self-titled predecessor is undeniably an enjoyable listen, No Dice sonically illustrates the advancements the band has made in the past year.

Water Trash. Photo taken by Kinsey Cheran

Nuance is heavily woven throughout each track, displaying Water Trash’s further mastery of arrangement and composition skills. This is especially detectable within the first few seconds of the album’s titular track, “No Dice.” which displays innate percussive strength almost immediately. “No Dice” also features an organ part that sonically blends while still simultaneously maintaining a striking presence. Akin to several other tracks on the album, it’s quite the addictive listen.

“Blow,” “Kill Boredom,” and “Juliet St.” are other notable tracks on the album as well. They have undeniably put extensive work into furthering their sound and craftsmanship over the course of the past year, and it has undeniably paid off. This album is solidified proof how just how far creative tenacity can be propelled. Water Trash’s inaugural album was plenty enjoyable as is, so therefore they have harnessed something great and made it even better.

Ready for some tunes? Good. Click here to listen to No Dice in full.

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