Stop What You’re Doing Immediately and Listen to “Daisy” by Glaze

If their 2017 EP Wasted Mind put Glaze in line for the throne, then their new single,”Daisy,” is their coronation. The Texas-based trio – composed of  Stephen McElwee, Austin Yeates, and Jake Villarreal – made a roaring return with the track’s release last month, making it apparent that it was nothing short of a tour de force upon the first listen.

Something Glaze consistently excels at is concocting a delectable nexus of power, clear musical skill, unabashed authority, and infusing it with a sense of dreaminess. This sonic cocktail is ever-present in “Daisy,” which acts as the ultimate union between edge and an ethereal essence. This multidimensional approach clearly excels, as it makes the track a completely addictive listen.

“Daisy” is riddled with light notes and smooth vocals, but there’s also an ever-present rawness that gives it a bit of a bittersweet element among the conceptual purity of love. That is what makes the track not only musically and lyrically poignant, but what in turn makes it resonate with others. After all, the human experience is nothing if not bittersweet; a blend of beauty with occasional blows of pain. With that being said, “Daisy” is such a truly special track because its potency can make one’s heart soar or drop, depending on the mind frame of the listener and how they subsequently choose to connect with it. And, if the latter occurs, it occurs with an innate sense of grace. “Daisy” exudes its own unique sense of beauty, and beauty in itself holds an intense duality: it can either be emboldening, or quietly tragic in an addictive sense – it all depends on the listener’s views of love, which also holds that same duality, at the time in which they hear the track.

What an incredible feat for Glaze to have accomplished. In just one song, they have created a work of art that catalyzes deep connection among many, depending on how they choose to interpret it. That’s lovely, and seldom seen.

Yet another notable element of “Daisy” is that it is the kind of track that essentially prohibits passive listening – it simply cannot, and does not, occur. The opening drum part commands the attention of the ear instantaneously, and that attention is not only captured but maintained for the remainder of the track’s duration. Listening to “Daisy” is an immersive experience, with all intents and purposes. It’s Goliathan, gripping, and cannot be ignored. Listening to “Daisy” provokes an innate sense of joy, but also one of introspection. Art that makes one think, feel, and live is both memorable and engaging alike, and “Daisy” is a shining embodiment of this.

The above, of course, could not be accomplished without the craftsmanship of McElwee, Yeates, Villarreal. Their lyricism and musical composition displays a blatant and undeniable level of sophistication that truly sets them apart as an entity – all one has to do is listen to their work, and this is immediately clear.

So, if you have not yet done so, it’s time to do just that.

Click here to view the music video for “Daisy” on YouTube. The track is also available on streaming services. And, to learn more about Glaze, click here to read our interview with them from last year.

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