5 Bands You Should Be Listening To Right Now

In no particular order, here are some artists you should, without a doubt, be checking out.



Why they rock: Cyber Twin is rock. Their tracks are addictive, high-energy, and have their own kind of magnetism to them that transcends description – it can only be felt and heard. Quite literally each and every song they’ve released thus far is a pure joy to listen to.

Standout track: Mouth Breather // Bottom Feeder

Listen to them here



Why they rock: Well to begin, they have an album called Shower Thoughts, and that’s just a completely fantastic name. That aside, Girl Scout Cookies knows how to create a winning nexus between lyrical realism, power, and catchy guitar hooks that really works in their favor.

Standout track: City

Listen to them here



Why they rock: Vamos creates the kind of music that immediately infuses the listener with energy, sending an electric jolt through their veins. Their songs are great, gritty,  and just plain fun to listen to. What more could one want, right?

Standout track: Outsiders

Listen to them here



Why they rock: They’re fucking fantastic. Their sound is deep, delectable, dark, and rich. Frankly, no one should be surprised if they’re selling out stadiums someday. Each and every song within their existing discography is skillful and masterful. Had they been around a few decades earlier, Alice In Chains wouldn’t have stood a damn chance.

Standout track: Chariots

Listen to them here



Why they rock: You won’t forget a single Three From Above song once your hear it. This is a trio that knows damn well how to capture the attention of the ear and mind alike through powerful percussion, resonance, intriguing melodic interplay, and the perfect amount of fuzz to top it all off. They have a big, bold sound that does nothing less than impress.

Standout track: Hail Caesar!

Listen to them here







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