Artist Spotlight: Eyebawl

There is truly no better way to begin this piece than by stating the following: Eyebawl is really fucking good.

The trio (comprised of Erin Silva, Brian Bruce, and Tyler Yoder) effortlessly satisfies cravings for fuzzy, ferocious rock ‘n’ roll through a masterful nexus of catchy hooks, poignant lyrics, and addictive rhythms. It is this winning formula of theirs that makes their debut EP, Gutterbawl, indisputably impressive.

The EP kicks off with “Prom Queen,” a track that draws in the ear in the same manner a good book draws in the mind. Radiating infectious energy and clear musical skill, “Prom Queen” will easily get stuck in the listener’s head – and much to their delight at that. Silva sings with a swagger that rivals the Sex Pistols, which perfectly compliments the fine-tuned balance of powerful and playful elements that “Prom Queen” contains. As an opener, “Prom Queen” teaches listeners a lesson that the rest of the tracks on Gutterbawl reinforce: Eyebawl has mastered the art of creating the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that will keep listeners coming back for round after round.

In addition to exuding undeniable musical power, Gutterbawl shines through its lyrical realism. In his book Accidental Revolution: The Story of Grunge, Kyle Anderson writes that creating a universal appeal within music is, in essence, more difficult than originality. Eyebawl’s delightfully authentic lyrics easily generates a universal appeal; the candid lyrical snapshot of the human experience is something that individuals from all walks of life can easily resonate with. Art carries its gravity through connection, and Eyebawl’s lyrical realism catalyzes a natural, strong bond between their music and the listener. Therefore, as an entity, Gutterbawl packs a memorable punch.

Though Anderson suggests that universalism is a more difficult feat to tackle than originality, both entities are still equally integral – and Eyebawl succeeds in mastering both. Not only will Gutterbawl strike a resonant chord within all who have the pleasure of hearing it, but it is also fresh, dynamic, and inventive. It has the traditional sonic elements that make grunge-esque songs alluring, but Eyebawl infuses that with their own creative flair and innovation. In a sense, they’ve created something of a modern classic. That’s pretty damn impressive for a debut record.

Eyebawl has hit the ground running. If their debut EP is already so finely-calibrated and masterful, it’s exciting to imagine what future work in Eyebawl’s discography will sound like. Gutterbawl is one hell of a debut, and its five tracks (six if you purchase the cassette, which you should) reveal one blatant, clear message: Eyebawl is already a force of their own, and one to be reckoned with at that.


Gutterbawl was released on May 14th via Crafted Sounds. To learn more about Eyebawl and listen to their work, click here to visit their website. 

Image credit: Nicholas J. Piser




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