Artist Spotlight: Ex Okays

The discography of Ex Okays finds its unity in one simple fact: it’s effortlessly euphonious. Each track has a hypnotizing element of smoothness to it, and this would not be possible without the band’s clear and consistent ability to arrange a song well. Every single sonic element at play effortlessly blends and streamlines into an overarching cohesive sound that is both pleasing to the ear and wholeheartedly unique.

This smoothness makes Ex Okays an undenaibly exciting listen, for it remains ever-present even while melodic and dynamic changes are executed. “Friends” is a noted example of this. The track is almost whimsical in a sense, yet is not without an edge either. These are two elements that would contrast under most pretenses, but Ex Okays have masterfully created a way in which they could merge in sonic cohesion. This is where the smoothness comes into play – the song washes over the ear and mind alike in the same manner in which a wave ebbs and flows on the shoreline. But, just like a wave, “Friends” is filled with striking crescendos and builds that serve as an almighty crash into the shore, but then soon enough it returns to a calm current. Ex Okays are able to navigate these transitions with an air of effortlessness; they could have been choppy – but they aren’t. The technicalities of the track are evidently finely calibrated, and all one must do to know this is simply listen to the song.

“She’s Gonna Break Your Heart Again” takes this same element of euphony and blends it with another: authenticity. The lyrical universalism rings raw and true. Moreover, it pairs well with the splashy, sludgy chords and the busy percussing adds fire and flare. As a result, both the music and the lyrics act as equalized agents of communication; the thematic elements within the narrative chronicled through the lyrics are harnessed and reflected through the music as a singular entity. Therefore, the convergence of the music and the lyrics heighten the track’s resonance, and it occurs with impact. Humans are intrinsically drawn to art they can establish a personal connection with, and the level of unabashed authenticity embodied in this particular track paves the way for listeners of all walks of life to listen, connect, and enjoy.

Simply, Ex Okays are indisputably enjoyable to listen to. Their work displays clear technical and creative skill, grit, variance, and is incredibly intoxicating to the ear due to its dreamy and delectable nature. Because of this, Ex Okays possess the very best quality a band could: the ability to radiate a universal appeal while still upholding innovation. Not only do they do this, but they do it damn well.

Ex Okays are Aidan Cahill, Dominic Folin, Donovan Thomas, Elias Snyder, and Johnny Cummings. To learn more about them and to listen to their work, click here to visit their Bandcamp page.





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