You Need to Listen to Pow Pow Family Band

The mind in the moments before one falls asleep manifests into something that embodies haze and vibrance equally. In these moments, the mind wields an unusual sort of power to bring about illumination, darkness, or a sudden willingness to unravel complexities within the world or within oneself. Permeating it all, though, is the quiet calm that comes with impending sleep – creating an intriguing dichotomy. This cerebral activity takes on something of an auditory form within Pow Pow Family Band’s album All Right. The intellectual and introspective approach to lyricism – combined with music that is delightfully dreamy but not without power – results in something of a soothing creative force that contains the power to take listeners on a full-scale and erudite journey that exists all within the confines of their own minds: just like an active mind when met with the serenity of forthcoming slumber.

With All Right, Pow Pow Family Band created a work of audible art that contains immense and noticeable strength in its nuances. There is power in details and precision in a creative context, for they can amass to take on a truly transformative force. The lyrics are not only brilliantly raw, but command the ear and the mind of the listener alike. The sheer (and obvious) intellect behind the work commands attention to all who hear it, and it is attention that shall be paid. The many subtleties and quieter moments that exist within the sound (let’s note the fact that Pow Pow Family Band was able to successfully create these is a skill in and of itself) have an alluring and addictive quality for there is something new to be uncovered with each listen. There will always be one note, beat, lyric, or riff that one did not catch before, and this is solely because Pow Pow Family band successfully infused layer, texture, and dimension into their work. Thus, All Right manifests into the ultimate musical cocktail that will keep listeners coming back for round after round. 

Another noted strength of All Right is that it contains a distinctly humanistic quality. As society operates on a moral basis of concealment – telling us that we should stifle all internal sensations that make people people – it is works like All Right that are so distinctive and powerful because it dauntlessly extracts human authenticity; it takes the raw thoughts and emotions we are too often turned away from articulating  and seamlessly translates it into song. As a result of this, listening to the album becomes as refreshing and cathartic as turning the keys on your apartment door at the end of a long and taxing day.

Pow Pow Family Band have begun cultivating an exceptional body of work that finds innate strength in areas that even the most seasoned veteran artists spend their entire careers searching for, and that strength is that their music has an absolutely effortless appeal. The music is so intricate and so clearly thoughtful, and yet contains an intoxicating easiness to it as well. Perhaps this is because All Right largely feels like stories or thoughts shared among close friends set to music. Those who have the pleasure of listening to the album will be able to easily connect to it due to its realism and appeal to the corners of the soul, which is precisely what it makes it such a brilliant piece of art and Pow Pow Family Band such pioneering creators.


To learn more about Pow Pow Family Band and listen to their work, click here to visit their bandcamp page.


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