You Need to See The Hustle’s Video for “Donatello”

The Hustle joins artists such as Tommy Stinson and The Runaways in the lasting lineage of musicians who prove that the ability to conjure up a damn good rock song has nearly nothing to do with age.

Infused with blues and grit, “Donatello” (a track from the band’s latest album “Deep Blue”) displays both a sense of sophistication and fun – much like the track’s accompanying music video. With numerous changes in scene and visual effects, it is essentially impossible for any viewer to grow bored. The consistency of the changes enable viewer engagement for the entirety of the track’s duration. This is something even the most seasoned of rockers struggle to nail down in their music videos (looking at you, Mötley Crüe, and everything about the “Dr. Feelgood” video), so the fact that The Hustle was able to figure out how to do this and do it well before they’ve even received their high school diplomas is pretty damn impressive.

One of the most notable aspects of the “Donatello” music video – and The Hustle’s music as a whole – is that it is entirely creative. At a relatively young age, The Hustle is already beginning to successfully carve out an artistic identity. Creativity is one of the most powerful assets an artist can have at this stage in their career, and The Hustle is already fully armed with it. The exploratory nature within the video and the song alike proves that The Hustle is a band that doesn’t shy away from hard work and going the extra mile within the creative process. These are creative qualities that will undeniably take them far, and it’s going to be purely exciting to watch them continue to rise and grow as artists.

To keep up with The Hustle, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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