Artist Spotlight: Docks

Within their debut EP, Montseny, Docks have proven that the hardcore and the heavenly can indeed coexist in a sonic realm. The Toulouse, France based duo (comprised of Manon Raupp and Daniel Selig) have crafted a work that is clearly carefully composed. Each and every track on the EP takes listeners on a stratospheric journey that engages both cerebral and auditory elements. It is the kind of music that fuels; it is the kind of music that yields the power to unlock previously uncovered corners of the mind and soul alike.

“Train,” for instance, beautifully embodies this degree of welcome intensity. It contains a masterful duality of both light and dark tones, with their individual potency shifting domination throughout with an impressive ease. These nuances reach their culmination in strength towards the last minute of the track, when a delicate and melodic riff is played over a more gritty chord progression. The result of the two contrasting elements merging is nothing short of intriguing.

Adding a component of buoyancy to Montseny is “Momentum,” a track that kicks up the tempo all while still maintaining a feeling of heavenliness that makes the music of Docks so notable. The track contains an entrancing degree of  melodic interplay between the guitars that sustains the ear throughout the entirety of its duration. This is, in part, due to the fact that it contains what is perhaps something of a stylistic signature on Montseny – kicking the song into an incredible overdrive within the last minute. This is something that also has a presence within the EP’s concluding track, “Hyperspectracle,” as well. What starts off with a beautifully eerie, ethereal nature ends with an added layer of pure grit and tenacity thrown into the mix – thus creating the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that will keep listeners coming back for another round.

In turn, this is precisely what makes the music of Docks so exciting to listen to – Raupp and Selig excel in stringing together a variety of textures, tones, and techniques and making them thoroughly cohesive. This results in a sound that is, yes, both uniform and distinctive at the same time. Though they are all different from one another, the tracks on Montseny are united in the fact that they are beautifully varied. At the precise moment one feels as if they have understood the essence of a particular track, there is a sonic transition that leads to something even more grand, something almost transcendent of itself. Each and every track on Montseny is its own grand epic voyage, leading listeners down winding paths, through cavernous tunnels, and up the tallest of mountains and back down again. The songs are beautifully layered and rich, thus making Montseny a musical entity that is dreamy, delightful, and blatantly skillful.

Raupp and Selig are well on their way.


To listen to Montseny, click here to visit Docks’ Bandcamp page.

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