The 11 Most Memorable AMPLIFY. Interview Quotes of 2017

AMPLIFY. has been fortunate enough to interview a boatload of really talented folks this year. The time all of our interviewees have taken to answer our questions means a lot – after all, there’s not one human on this Earth who isn’t perpetually busy – and we’re truly grateful to each and every one of them.

Instead of publishing any sort of year-end list, AMPLIFY. Is highlighting some of the most memorable interview quotes of this year. The quotes below have come from eleven interviewees, and range from badass, humorous, insightful, and poignant. Most importantly, however, they were all too good to not be revived.

Therefore, in no particular order: the 11 most memorable AMPLIFY. interview quotes of 2017


1. “And anyway, being fake is so unpunk.”

On how Flesh Panthers’ sound has evolved since their first EP

– Ryan Zombotron


2. “Ah, rituals. Well, we’ve actually talked about, like, getting hyped, pump up circle, all that, but we’re more of the anxious, 5 minutes till’ showtime and we all end up in the bathroom line kind of guys. I don’t even have to use to bathroom 98% of the time.”

On pre-show traditions

-Thomas Peters, Modern Vices


3. “Chicago has a real build-each-other-up aspect to it that I don’t know really exists elsewhere.”  

On the uniqueness of Chicago’s creative community

-Chris Kramer, Slushy


4. “Only Tom Hanks knows the true answer to that question.”

On the band’s origins

-Criminal Hygiene


5. “It would be great if the industry was less capitalistic, and more merit-based.”

On changes they’d like to see in the music industry

-The Radiographers


6. “One show a few people out of the crowd started chicken fighting during our set.”

On memorable live performances

-Water Trash


7. “Whatever emotions come naturally, bb.”

On how he hopes people feel when listening to his music

-Jeffrey Gray Somers, Steep Leans


8. “We get along really well, which is a blessing and a curse.”

On their chemistry as a band

-The Junglecats


9. “Also, really cool shit happens in Chicago, which people sort of overlook because it’s not New York or LA – and then it’s accessible, cheap and easy to be in the right place at the right time – you don’t have to be some trendy, rich person hanging out in Brooklyn to see the good stuff. Twin Peaks hopping up on a tiny stage with Madrid’s Hinds in the middle of their set? Father John Misty hanging out at a random bar in Wicker Park and talking to fans and most people not even recognizing him? Getting in on the ground floor via private buzz in the community for a band like Whitney that is now totally blowing up? It’s really great to be here.”

On Chicago’s distinctiveness as a musical hub

-Katie Ingegneri, founder of Houseshow Magazine


10. “Tommy Wiseau for Bert, Kermit the Frog for Ryan, and Shelley Duvall for Jeremy.”

On who they’d cast as themselves if a movie were ever to be made about their band

-Engine Summer


11. “It would be great if we had a strange or exciting story, like through a Craigslist casual encounter or something.”

On the band’s formation

-Grim Streaker


To each and every band AMPLIFY has interviewed this year, thank you so much. Your time is truly appreciated, and it was a pleasure to cover your work.

To check out the full interviews that each of these quotes came from, click here to head over to our “Interviews” section.



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