AMPLIFY. is 1 – so it’s time to thank people.

Sometimes, good things come out of failing “Econ 111.”


AMPLIFY. was launched the night Editor in Chief Lindsay Teske learned that she had gotten in a literal F in her  introductory economics course that she really had no idea she was, well, bombing (in her defense, it was an 8:00 am class, and she’s far from being a “numbers” person). To her, this seemed like the icing on the cake from what had been pretty much the worst semester of her life, one where she realized that she had outgrown her love for the university she had chosen to attend but still couldn’t ignite the courage to kick off the transfer process. She felt emotionally wiped out, jaded beyond belief, and, frankly, like she couldn’t do anything right. In other words, her Sophomore slump hit hard. 


Lindsay hadn’t felt fulfilled or genuinely excited about anything all semester, so she decided to do something to change that. With absolutely zero formal writing experience at the time and a faint memory of a neglected WordPress account she had set up for a school project, Lindsay launched AMPLIFY. She had already been pissed off that mainstream music media was basically an endless cycle of regurgitation of unoriginal information about the same artists, and wanted to make a place where she could read about the work of newer and/or independent rock artists. Sitting on her living room couch that night, she wrote something terrible and rambling about a recent phone interview she had done with Andrew W.K. (how a then-nineteen year old was allowed to do that is still very much unclear to her), and hit “publish.” She remembered thinking that she would only update it once a month or so, and that it would most likely go on to become an abandoned passion project.


That didn’t happen.


A lot has happened in a year, and AMPLIFY. has already become something Lindsay couldn’t even imagine. With that being said, it’s time to say thanks.


Thank you to…

  • Jose, Caden, Lainey, and Frank. It is a privilege to collaborate with you and have your photography on the site.
  • Juliet, KP, and Marin, who were Lindsay’s roommates at the time she was getting AMPLIFY. on its feet. They listened to her stress about pieces, gush about different bands, and helped her figure out wording more times than she can count, and she really appreciates it.
  • Dr. Tonmoy Islam for giving Lindsay the failing economics grade. It didn’t help her GPA, but it gave her the push she needed to start something that would go on to change her life – that’s the kind of lesson you just can’t learn in a classroom.
  • Debbie, the unofficial editorial assistant
  • All the labels, PR companies, and managers who have worked with AMPLIFY. It’s an absolute pleasure.
  • To the artists AMPLIFY. covered in is early days, who were kind enough to give their time for interviews even when the site hardly had any posts up (special thanks to Thomas Peters of Modern Vices for being the site’s first interviewee ever and to James Swanberg for being the second.)
  • To everyone in Chicago’s music community. It is your art that inspired AMPLIFY., and your art that makes this site (and ones like it) what it is.
  • Similarly, a special thank you to Post Animal and Jason Balla of NE-HI, who were among the first local artists to support and/or share kind words about AMPLIFY. when it was only a week old. It was much appreciated.
  • Lastly, a massive thank you goes out to every single artist who we’ve interviewed, featured on the site, or worked with in any capacity.  To say it is a pleasure is an understatement. Your work is on AMPLIFY. because it is wholeheartedly supported and believed in, and that doesn’t go away once the piece has been published. AMPLIFY. will always be digitally cheering you on in all your future endeavors, and will never shut up about spreading the word regarding how great you and/or your band is. That’s a promise.


Here’s to the next 365.





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