Premiere: “10’s & 9’s” by The Inventors

The ear and mind being called to immediate and simultaneous attention is a hallmark of a truly great musical work. This, of course, is especially the case with rock – listeners crave the feeling of being rattled to alertness via a delectable cocktail of thunderous drums, resonant bass lines, a sonically exhilarating guitar riff, and lyrics that make the mind do a little work. This delicate formula is something that Chicago-based quartet The Inventors expertly master in their latest track, “10’s & 9’s.”


“10’s & 9’s” is such an expertly crafted track because it contains an incredible electrical undercurrent that touches each and every sonic nuance at play. Each of these elements is not only highly distinctive to the ear, but yields its own unique sense of power that makes the song as a whole immensely robust. The interplay between each instrument and sound takes on a life of its own, creating a song that is the ultimate nexus between allure and excitement.

However, it is specifically the interplay between two predominant elements that makes “10’s & 9’s” such an exceptional work. While it undeniably tolls wild amounts of power, there’s also a certain component to the song that’s almost hypnotizing; it effortlessly integrates mesmerization with electricity. As the song’s vigor prevails, there’s a certain sensation of slowly being pulled into the world of the song that’s difficult to ignore. It’s akin to staring into the flickering glow of a candle while a rumbling thunderstorm prevails through the window outside – they’re both entities that juxtapose each other on the surface, yet compliment each other in the most striking and beautiful manner. Such a careful and creative combination of these sonic and thematic elements not only makes “10’s & 9’s” creatively distinctive as a track, but undeniably asserts The Inventors as a dominant artistic entity.

To learn more about The Inventors and listen to their work, click here to visit their website.







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