Big News: Small Stresses Announce Upcoming Tour Dates

Detroit-based female fronted punk rockers Small Stresses announce a series of forthcoming tour dates in Canada, marking their first foray into the land of maple syrup and His Highness™ Justin Trudeau. Containing the key ingredients of snarl and skill, Small Stresses’ sound is the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that  listeners need no more than a sip of before they order another round.

Earlier this year, Small Stresses released an EP entitled “Swim” – in which the titular track is set to be featured on the upcoming Blacktop Records compilation, “Don’t Give Up: 12 Years of DIY.” The compilation will be available October 27th via Blacktop Records.

Each and every track on “Swim” satisfies anything and everything one could crave from a damn good rock song. “Swim” brings the thunderous resonance, “Tidal Wave” brings the melodic grit, “Janie’s Song” brings the wealth of electricity, and “One Day at a Time” brings the perfect amount of lyrical poignance. As a whole, the EP is an indisputably nuanced and sonically addictive work of art.

The work of Small Stresses not only embodies authentic artistry, but harnesses incredible amounts of spirit that make the passion behind any work of art instantaneously detectable. If you’re around, be sure to catch the band take Canada storm on…

Friday Oct 13 @ The Geekery Pub – Niagara Falls, ON
Saturday Oct 14 @ Sammy Krenshaw’s – Tillsonburg, ON
Sunday Oct 15 @ Phog Lounge – Windsor, ON                                                                    Sunday Oct 15th @ Grooves Records – London, ON (1pm afternoon show)

You absolutely won’t want to miss it.


To learn more about Small Stresses and listen to their work, click here to visit their bandcamp page. To keep up with what’s been cooking at Blacktop Records, click here to visit their website. 

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