London Calling! FAQ About AMPLIFY’s Hiatus

To whoever may be reading this: Hello! I hope you are having a nice day and eating your favorite snacks.

For those of you who don’t know, this site is run by a human named Lindsay. Lindsay is in college. For the upcoming fall semester, she will be studying abroad in London. In order to allot time to focus on schoolwork (which is comical because school is not her jam) and her internships, Lindsay is taking a brief hiatus from AMPLIFY while she’s abroad and will pick things back up when she returns in the middle of December. Below is a FAQ that will provide more information:

How long will the hiatus be?

Late August to mid December

Can my band/the band I represent/my label still email AMPLIFY during this time, and will there be a response?

Hell yes! Articles take time, emails do not. Lindsay will still be available through the AMPLIFY email account (listed under the “contact” tab) and will reply to all messages within two days (but don’t hate her or think she hates you if it takes longer than that. She’s a human and fucks up sometimes).

Please note that if the subject of your email is a submission for coverage, you will receive a response relatively quickly, but the piece itself will not come out until Lindsay is back in the states!

Wait a sec: I already arranged for my band’s record release this fall to be covered on AMPLIFY. Is that still a thing?

Very much so! If Lindsay has made previous arrangements with your band, she’s sticking to it and will still complete the article from London.

So, how definite is this hiatus?

Ha. Well. Lindsay has no idea how manageable her schedule will be in London until she actually arrives and lives through it. She’s saying the hiatus is going to be definite for now, because she’d hate to commit to certain things regarding the site and then not end up being able to follow through due to having limited time.

But hey! Who knows. Maybe she’ll find some super cool independent rock group over there and love them so much that she just has to write about them. She’s not saying it’s totally impossible for there to be some posts along the way, but she is saying not to completely bank on new content.

…But that’s not all!

AMPLIFY will still be updating the Instagram and Facebook pages during this time, so we’re not totally evaporating into thin air. You can keep up with the madness at @amplifymusicsite on IG and “Amplify Music Site” on FB, kids.

And now for some parting words:

Lindsay isn’t thrilled with taking a hiatus, as she loves this site and all the great bands/writers/labels/photographers it has connected her to. She adores you all! However,  running a site and being a human in college is hard to do at the same time. Now that Lindsay is going to be a foreign human in college, she fears she would get in over her head by trying to do too many things at once and end up producing work at a subpar quality level as a result. She thanks you for your understanding, big time, and would buy you all snacks if she could.

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