Cosmic Roots Collective Release New Album, ‘Virtues’

Floridian rock trio Cosmic Roots Collective have successfully established themselves as highly innovative, multifaceted artists through the release of their new album, Virtues. Each track is masterfully layered with a rich array of sonic nuances that make each and every track feel infinite, thus making the album as a whole a streamlined, sophisticated artistic work.

Opening track “Big Hand” instantaneously exudes groove, layering sharp yet dreamy sounding vocals over a sonically addictive melody that is guaranteed to stay in the brains of listeners long after the song has reached its conclusion. It effortlessly creates an elixir of tenacious funk with a dash of etherealism, an auditory combination that is seldom seen but exhibited so effectively within “Big Hands” – thus attesting to Cosmic Roots Collective’s ability to maintain a sense of inventiveness and freshness in the composition process.

Of a similar vein is “To The Top Rhino!”, a track that makes full use of the band’s impressive rhythm section. With the ability to generate a full sound using just bass, drums, and vocals, the track allows the band’s innate musical skill to shine through its sonic simplicity. This particular track debunks the myth that a fleshed out sound requires lots of fancy pedals, instruments, or musicians – if the drive and ability for musical creation is present, then authentic talent can transcend all else. Through using just a few musical elements, Cosmic Roots Collective has conjured a track with depth and completeness and completely shines as a result. That says something.

In a delightful auditory contrast is the track “You Manic.” Opening with lavish vocal harmonies and the delicate plucking of an acoustic guitar, the track seems welcomely reminiscent of a Beatles track circa the late 1960s – but then takes a turn that leads listers on an entirely  different auditory journey. Synth is effortlessly added to the mix, something that is blended  smoothly into the preexisting trancelike charm the track established. “You Manic” is an entirely original take on the traditional acoustic ballad, its nexus of delicacy, grit, and finely executed dynamic transitions entirely intriguing to the ear and mind alike. This particular track is notable because it highlights an immense creative strength Cosmic Roots Collective possesses, which is their ability to artfully and seamlessly merge a myriad of musical elements into one cohesive and distinctive creative work.

Virtues will cement Cosmic Roots Collective as artistic strongholds because they aren’t afraid to be exploratory in their work. They pull from every corner of creativity, constructing a sound that is not only inventive, but entirely their own. Their work is melodic, rhythmic, razor-sharp, resonant, and finely calibrated. Though each track on the album differentiates in sound from the other, the entire album is bound together by the band’s effortlessly iconic knack for innovation.

Ready for some listening? Click here to listen to Virtues on SoundCloud. To keep up with Cosmic Roots Collective, click here to visit their website.

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