Distorted Sun Releases New Single ‘Under Thumb’

“I’m not just going to slide under your thumb.”

One of the most powerful lessons taught from  rock ‘n’ roll history is that the genre is a form of resistance in and of itself. In addition to the myriad of notable rock protest songs about pressing societal issues such as crime and politics, there is also the existing notion that resistance can stem from essentially any aspect of life – most commonly against the harsh hand of authority figures or toxic individuals.

Through “Under Thumb,” Distorted Sun is reminding society what authentic rock ‘n’ roll resistance looks like; how to translate a statement into a song in a candid and commanding manner. Celebrating independence and severance, “Under Thumb” encompasses all the musical facets that propelled rock ‘n’ roll onto the cultural stage decades ago. In addition to taking a stand and creating an alluring stylistic nexus of grunge and ’70s rock, “Under Thumb” contains a multigenerational appeal – a tremendous artistic asset in any sense or context. 

It is evident to the listener that “Under Thumb” was intelligently composed, as it is riddled with intricate sonic nuances that reveal Distorted Suns to be a group of exceptionally talented musicians. Mati Shernoff’s drumming is as punctilious and forceful as an initial crack of thunder against a calm sky, filling the song with continuous electricity. Max Barruzza self-distinguishes through sonorous bass lines that give the overall musical work an added layer of fullness and depth. Guitarist Patrick Fiore’s work is simultaneously resounding and skillful, making “Under Thumb” contain all the necessary ingredients for a delectable rock ‘n’ roll cocktail by performing an intricate guitar solo that will linger in the minds of listeners long after the track has reached the end of its duration. Corey Presner contains clear vocal skill, utilizing dynamic tonal variation while simultaneously integrating his own stylistic edge. Each musician within Distorted Sun contains finite talent as individual musical entities, and thus when combined makes Distorted Sun an authentically masterful band.


“Under Thumb” contains all the classic elements that made society fall in love with rock ‘n’ roll – skilled instrumentation, the ability to incite invigoration, and the declaration of a direct message. When the contemporary music industry is filled with ludicrous, overplayed pop songs, it’s bands like Distorted Sun that immaculately encapsulate the very core of not only what great rock music sounds like, but what it represents.

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