The Rare Occasions Release “Notion” Music Video

Los Angeles based rock group The Rare Occasions (comprised of Brian McLaughlin, Peter Stone,  Jeremy Cohen, and Luke Imbusch) recently released the andrenalized music video for their track, “Notion.” The Mike Levinsohn directed video, which tells the story of a woman striving to rescue her sister from the hands of a religious cult, wholeheartedly captures the mental, visual, and auditory attention from viewers for the entirety of its duration.

The video’s innate ability to encapsulate the viewers is largely attributed to the fact that the events occurring within it perfectly coincide with the dynamic changes within the song itself. For instance, the music instantaneously accelerates into a sonic explosion as soon as the protagonist finds herself cornered in a dark, smoky alley. The correlation between the music and the filmography not only deeply pull viewers into the nuances of the song itself, but far into the story that is subsequently being told through the music video.

A notable aspect of the video’s cinematography is its specific use of eyes as a storytelling vehicle. Many of the shots within the video’s chase scenes stop and exclusively focus on the protagonist’s darting eyes-exuding just as much danger and intensity as the shots that display her being chased by a gang of villains through an empty public parking garage. This stylistic technique is also used when the protagonist’s abducted sister is onscreen. Her eyes, as cold and lifeless as stone, immaculately display the specific circumstances surrounding her captivity through a single shot alone. Moreover, when the protagonist is ultimately captured and surrounded by the cult, a member uses just one flickering glance of his eyes to point her in the direction of her sister. A single shot, a single movement of the eyes, is able to communicate so much and give viewers hope for a happy ending. It is worth mentioning that no words are spoken in the video, the journey of the protagonist and the story as a whole is told through facial expressions alone. The potency of the “Notion”  video is embedded within its many subtle nuances; a large testimony to not only its masterful cinematography but the performers in the music video as well.

As the video finds strength in its subtlety, the song itself does as well. With a hint of dreaminess, a dash of danger, sounds as smooth as steel, and a pinch of acidity, “Notion” is the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail of musical mastery. Its variety of sonic nuances come together to form an undeniably strong musical entity, and its intensely rhythmic nature excels in accelerating the heart rate to a point of utter entrancement.

The song and the video alike succeed in the sense that they never allow one to obtain permanent comfort. The striking and finely executed dynamic transitions within the song, as well as the attention-seizing plot of the music video, lead oneself to becoming intensely involved within the artistic journey that has been smartly presented within both entities. This results in “Notion” -both as a song and a music video- serving as a prime nexus of innovation and pure artistic craftsmanship.

Check out the video below:


Like what you heard? Good. We hoped so. Click here to visit The Rare Occasions’ official website to learn more about them and to hear more tunes.

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