Soft Candy Creates Ultimate Nexus of Psychedelia and Delight

The work of Soft Candy finds its mastery in merging musical contradictions. The Chicago-based band has conveyed innate levels of artistic craftsmanship through blending classic sonic elements of rock and roll with psychedelic dreaminess, creating a distinctive sound that is purely euphonious.

The track “Honeychild Flowerlove” immaculately encapsulates this. The ethereal vocals serve as the ultimate sonic juxtaposition to the gritty, reverb-ridden guitar riff that precedes it. The track is something of the auditory embodiment of a dream, effortlessly combining haze with vibrancy and realism. It is a finely calibrated work that combines elements of classic rock and whimsy in a stylistically intriguing manner. Of a similar vein is “Bixarre Luv Pyramids,” a track that seamlessly mixes delicate intricacy with a dash of acidity. It is ethereal, and yet richly textured with a plethora of sonic nuances that, when combined, make the track wholly entrancing. Moreover, its  lush harmonies and jaunty guitar riffs make the song melodically memorable.

Then, of course, there is the powerfully poetic “Songs for Ellie Mae,” a track that exudes beautiful simplicity. It glows with its own unique sense of warmth, and new musical intricacies are discovered through each subsequent listen. The track is cohesive and clean, emulating innate strength within its own sweetness and subtlety.

Soft Candy’s multifaceted sound makes their work undeniably stand out from other contemporary artists with a psych rock sound. Their work contains a level of authenticity that is, for the most part, widely unparalleled. And with authenticity comes timelessness; Soft Candy will  inherently attract a multigenerational appeal that is indicative of their work yielding the power to withstand time itself a well as any future changes that may occur within the music industry.

While containing said authenticity, Soft Candy is able to remain entirely unique. Their sound is very much their own; a direct comparison to any group of the past or present cannot be drawn. This is because Soft Candy is not afraid to be musically exploratory; their work contains a multitude of stylistic and sonic hybrids that are streamlined together in an incredibly intelligent, almost formulaic manner. They harbor the raw tenacity of traditional rock and roll, add hypnotic harmonies, a dash of dreaminess, and stratospheric levels of pure musical innovation. The result? Each and every track within Soft Candy’s existing body of work is its own wholly unique auditory adventure.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Soft Candy’s music is that it contains a certain element of magic to it. This is something that cannot possibly be described in words, for it can only be felt and experienced by the listener. This is a hallmark of an extremely talented artist, for great musical works often transcend language and cannot be pinned down to or defined by a certain genre or stylistic category. Soft Candy’s music undeniably falls into this category; sounds as enchanting and  finely crafted as theirs are truly something one must experience firsthand in order to fully lose themselves in its rich sonic depth.


To learn more about Soft Candy and listen to some tunes, click here to visit their bandcamp page.







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