Artist Spotlight: The Nude Party

It is no easy feat to breathe contemporary elements and originality into something that is considered to be classic and beloved. However, North Carolinians The Nude Party have mastered just that through their existing body of creative work.

Their music incorporates all the facets of ’60s style rock that made it so sonically addictive – it is inherently rhythmic, seamlessly blends intricate work from the guitar and keyboards alike, and exercises impressive amounts of tonal and dynamic variation. Their creative work serves as an auditory time capsule to an era in which rock and roll was perhaps at its purest form – but is still entirely unique as a result of the innate craftsmanship and sheer knack for innovation that The Nude Party possesses.

This innovation is strongly conveyed through their ability to blend the modern with the classic. For example, the track “Extraneous iPhone Blues” contains musical elements that are richly nostalgic. The simplistic yet strategic use of keyboards is one of the song’s most memorable musical components, the multidimensional aspect of the rhythm section is not only inventive but seldom seen within the contemporary music industry, and the track’s guitar solos are full in sound without coming close to being overbearing. The song easily rivals the work of The Troggs or The Animals – and yet contains the word “iPhone” in its title. It’s a delightful and streamlined nexus of classic sonic elements with a modern  twist.

One of the most laudable aspects of The Nude Party’s work is the band’s ability to flawlessly integrate (and simultaneously showcase) a plethora of musical components without one ever overpowering the other. Often times, when six musicians are playing instruments simultaneously, it can turn into an undistinguishable conglomerate of sound of sound regardless of how masterfully composed the piece of music may be. This is a trap that The Nude Party smartly circumvents by a wide margin; each musical element in each of their songs is crisp, commanding, and tolls its own unique presence within the song itself.

A standout track within The Nude Party’s discography is “Time to Go,” off their sophomore album Hot Tub. The song exudes groove from start to finish, incorporating sprawling guitar riffs and adding a dash of acidity and danger to it all. The track exemplifies all that The Nude Party does best: generating cohesive material that is both masterful, exciting, and highly listenable.

The Nude Party’s work is a prime representation of raw artistry. Their music has a refreshingly exploratory nature, thus classifying them as a group of artists who are not afraid to take risks – something the contemporary rock industry has long been absent of. Due to their innate levels of creativity, The Nude Party is able to streamline a plethora of sonic elements into one solidified work. This, combined with the fact that their music blends auditory and cultural elements from the past and present, makes them a band that will undeniably rejuvenate the old soul within.


Ready for some tunes? Click here to visit The Nude Party’s bandcamp page.




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