You Need to Hear “Dirty Disposition” by Precious Kid

Sometimes, just one song is all it takes.

Throughout music history, there has been a longstanding pattern of singles shaping or launching the careers of a plethora of notable musicians. Though she had already cultivated attention as a member of The Runaways, “I Love Rock n’ Roll” served as the catalyst for Joan Jett’s long and notable solo career. “Keep Yourself Alive” was one of Queen’s first singles, released long before they would ultimately go down in history as one of the greatest rock acts of all time. Patti Smith’s iconic rock ballad “Because the Night” was released as a single off her sophomore album, Easter, and would later become one of the most successful works within her musical career.

Carrying the torch of this tradition is Precious Kid, a California-based rock group who released their debut single “Dirty Disposition” last week. The band (comprised of Justine Dorsey on vocals and guitar, Kassie White on bass, Chuck Croccichia on guitar, and drums in the track were provided by Sean Walbrink) possesses a distinctive ability to blend language and sound in a manner that appeals to the ear and mind alike – one of the many characteristics of “Dirty Disposition” that makes it such a joy to listen to.  Both the music and the lyrics are creative and innovative in their own right, and therefore their combination makes “Dirty Disposition” a track that is absolutely overflowing with infectious sonic energy.

With the opening line of “It’s not the question of  whether I like you/ It’s just the question of whether I feel like it,” Dorsey’s vocal stylings are a winning combination of skill and sass. While displaying evident vocal shops, she sings with a stylistic flair that fits the track’s title and tone like a glove. Her tonal variance and use of inflections causes her work to transcend that of a typical singer, making her one of the more inventive and memorable rock vocalists of the contemporary industry.

“Dirty Disposition” audibly shines because there are multiple musical elements at play, and each element is crisp and distinctive without the sounds of one overpowering another. Precious Kid achieves a flawless sonic balance all while still upholding the levels of intricacy and dynamics that make the song so noteworthy. Listeners can clearly hear Dorsey’s vocals, White’s resonant bass lines, Croccichia’s compelling guitar riffs, and Walbrink’s sharp and clear drumming without the work of each instrumentalist washing out the song entirely – a commonality among tracks as multidimensional and robust as “Dirty Disposition.” Precious Kid evades this trap by a wide margin, proving themselves to be technically seasoned right off the bat.

“Dirty Disposition” possesses all the qualities that make a song a hit: it’s catchy, displays genuine musical craftsmanship, melodically memorable, and exudes attitude. However, it’s all that with an edge. It’s glossy and fun, but with a dash of danger and a pinch of rebellion. That’s what makes the track so engaging – it can’t be pinned down to or defined by a certain sound or genre.

It’s its own entity.

To learn more about Precious Kid and listen to some of their tunes, click here, here, and here. 



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