Dump Him Releases ‘VENUS IN GEMINI’

Today is the long-awaited release day for Dump Him’s first full band album, ‘VENUS IN GEMINI,’ which is co-released through Disposable America and Anxiety Pop Records. Dump Him (which was composed of Jaclyn Walsh, Zoë  Wyner, and Larz Brogan at the time of recording) has overwhelmingly succeeded in bringing a musical work to fruition that is not only appealing to the ear, but contains profound levels of depth and meaning.

An aspect of ‘VENUS IN GEMINI’ that makes it strikingly unique is the fact that it is peppered with duality in a myriad of artistic facets. This is sonically representative within  tracks such as “Spectator,” “Route One, Saugus,” and “42069”-each of which contains gorgeous vocal harmonies that are juxtaposed by the thunderous drums, resonant bass lines, and razor-sharp guitar riffs in which they are accompanied by. Dump Him’s use of aural duality is artistically innovative and draws the listener into the work like moths to a blazing and effervescent flame. This artistic contrast makes ‘VENUS IN GEMINI’ inherently dynamic absolutely irresistible to the ear.

One of the most conspicuous aspects of “VENUS IN GEMINI’ is its abundance of lyrical realism. Each track on the album tells is own story that is innately human and raw in the most beautiful and refreshing manner. The album’s opening track, “Benefit/Doubt,” chronicles the emotional complications that come with seeing someone in a new light. “What’s Yr Deal With Kim?” explores the discontentment of seeing peers whose progressive language does not align with their actions when it comes time to address the doings of those within their own community. The repetition of the line “there’s always something else” within “Route One, Saugus” touches upon constant feelings of disconnection. The album is an immaculate encapsulation of  the gritty authenticity of the human experience.

The emotions and experiences conveyed within the lyrics further represent the duality that makes ‘VENUS IN GEMINI’ innately masterful.  With musical content that focuses on dissociation, gender, radicalism, longing, and evolving relationship dynamics, the album is something of the auditory embodiment of being at a crossroads. The lyrical profundity combined with high-energy music that bubbles over with life makes ‘VENUS IN GEMINI’ the ultimate integration of humanism and seriously badass rock and roll.

To listen to ‘VENUS IN GEMINI’, click here to visit Dump Him’s bandcamp page.

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