Artist Spotlight: Surfbort


Had they been around back in the day, Surfbort would have been CBGB regulars.

The enigmatic quartet (composed of Dani Miller, Alex Kilgore, Sean Powell, and Charlotte Wimberley) has been packing quite the punch in the industry through their wonderfully explosive live performances and a body of work that encompasses punk at its purest.

The high degree of authenticity that permeates every aspect of Surfbort’s work makes the band a distinguishable artistic entity.  Live, Surfbort is akin to a stick of dynamite that self-ignites, producing a massive eruption that encapsulates the audience in the most incredible way.

The band’s energy feels far far from forced; it is raw to the point of being uncontrollably infectious. At the band’s May 2nd performance at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC, they took the stage in the same manner in which a speeding locomotive races down the track: with an insatiable amount of gusto and power. Electricity permeated the venue as the band played to a moshing crowd, adding zest into what was otherwise an ordinary Tuesday evening.

“This song is about…fuck Donald Trump! Because every song is about…fuck Donald Trump!” Miller exclaimed early into their setlist. This not only incited cheers from the crowd, but made it crystal clear that Surfbort is a tenacious group of artists who hold nothing back-and that’s what makes them so great.

This, of course, results in their overall stage presence being essentially unparalleled. Each musician was brimming with their own essence of explosivity that made them stand out individually, and thus collectively they were a powerhouse.

The raw energy encapsulated within their live performances is strongly represented within their music. “Trash” is delightfully grungy and contagiously catchy, bringing a myriad of strong sonic elements together without one overpowering the other. Powell’s talents as a drummer are clearly displayed within this track, serving as a powerful engine propelling the robust work.  Equally as powerful, “Slave” radiates an energy that is palpable to all who have the pleasure of hearing it.  It appeals to the ear in the same manner in which a good book appeals to the mind; it’s a blast of sound that is both dynamic and completely hardcore. The headbang-inducing “War” is equally as encapsulating within its power. It is sonically addictive and its rhythmic melody and nature finds a permanent home in the brains of listeners. Surfbort’s body of work is unique because it exudes potency as a collective unit, and each individual track does so in its own way as well.



At the conclusion of their set at Cat’s Cradle, Miller plunged into the crowd, temporarily passing her microphone over to a fan. She engaged with and further livened the crowd, demolishing the fourth wall in the most powerful way possible. This moment is metaphorical for Surfbort’s work-its energy is undeniable and spreads like a voracious wildfire that is absolutely impossible to quell.

Surfbort is currently on tour with Black Lips. To listen to more of their work, click here to check out their bandcamp page.

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