An Interview with Grim Streaker

Photo by @okasrawi

At their current rate, Grim Streaker is well on their way to going down in history as one of the most tenacious rock groups of our time

The work of the New York based band (composed of  Amelia Bushell on vocals, Daniel Peskin and Micah Weinberg on guitar, Bill Dvorak on bass, and Piyal Basu on drums) shoots daggers and drips the most delectable venom. Despite the band still being in its early stages, they have been churning out work that is undeniably enthralling and vivacious.

“Guts,” the band’s first formal release, is the ultimate auditory nexus between incredible tenacity and innovation. The track succeeds in simultaneously capturing the sonic power of each musical entity at play without one element drowning the other out. The snarling vocals, inventive guitar riffs, resonant bass lines, and dynamically commanding drum parts all converge seamlessly and result in a feverish auditory display of  both skill and ‘devil may care’ essence that makes the track doubtlessly distinctive.

“Miami Girl,” Grim Streaker’s newest release, radiates a wild kind of power that appeals to the ear in the same manner in which a good book appeals to the mind. The rollicking track is thunder and lightening; it is brimming with an infectious degree of electricity all while shaking the listener down to their soul.

Photo by @goodtimerick


AMPLIFY had the opportunity to chat with Grim Streaker about their creative work, New York’s music scene, as well as the upcoming release of their EP.  Read on to learn more about the band whose work is the living embodiment of the phrase “a force to be reckoned with”:

AMPLIFY: What’s the origin story of Grim Streaker?

Grim Streaker: It would be great if we had a strange or exciting story, like through a Craigslist casual encounter or something. We all played in different Brooklyn bands over the years and were active in the local scene here. We met through friends and working on other creative projects. It just randomly came together after someone said “let’s write punk songs.” And once we started playing, we hit it off immediately. After our first rehearsal we had written “Guts.”

AMPLIFY: As a band, what aspect of your creative work are you most proud of?

Grim Streaker: Our performances are very cathartic for us. It’s an awesome way to release energy, and our shows have evolved into an intensely sweaty, loud, and unique experience.

AMPLIFY: The music video for “Guts” is totally awesome. How did you guys come up with the concept for it?

Grim Streaker: Thanks. We asked our good friend (and director) Stephen Venezia to document a few of our recent shows in Brooklyn. The black and white look really compliments the footage and Stephen did a great job capturing the energy on stage. The way we wrote and recorded the song was really simplistic and true to our DIY roots. It was a no frills, low budget recording and we just wanted to capture the exact sound and energy we were hearing. The video is an extension of that, it’s “Guts” in it’s rawest form.

AMPLIFY: Which artists have been the most impactful to you, both as individuals and as musicians?

Grim Streaker: Our direct influences on this project range from The Ramones, X, and Agent Orange, to Gang of Four, Germs, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the X-Ray Spex. It’s mostly a collective love for the old NY/UK punk/post-punk era, plus the early 80s LA/DC hardcore punk scenes. Alternatively, being part of such a thriving Brooklyn music community is a big influence too. We see friends and other local bands constantly pushing boundaries sonically and reinventing themselves. This environment is a constant motivator for us.

Photo by @goodtimerick

AMPLIFY: How have your artistic objectives evolved over time?

Grim Streaker: The band is still in it’s early stages, but I think we’ve been pretty focused from the start. We’re just here to write songs that excite us. Then play them live in the most visceral way possible.

AMPLIFY: Do you have a favorite memory from any of your live performances?

Grim Streaker: During one of our recent shows at the Silent Barn in Bushwick, Amelia disappeared for a few minutes…then we realized she had crawled under the elevated wooden stage and was singing the chorus right below our feet.

AMPLIFY: What moves you to create?

Grim Streaker: Living in New York is intense. This band is definitely a release from that.

AMPLIFY: In your opinion, what’s the most unique aspect of Brooklyn’s creative community?

Grim Streaker: There are so many musicians and bands here. It’s a crowded scene, but a very supportive one. Everyone knows each other and goes to each other’s shows. We’re lucky to be a part of it.

Photo by @goodtimerick

AMPLIFY: What element of the creative process do you find to be the most exciting?

Grim Streaker: That moment in rehearsal when an idea clicks between all 5 of us and becomes a song. A collective acceptance of an idea is pretty incredible, especially to have five minds synchronize on a specific concept. Also that connection when you feel the crowd responding to the music or more so, the recognition after you perform from people that were moved by your performance. We have a lot of fog and intense lighting at our shows so it’s sometimes hard to even see the crowd while we’re on stage. We just do our thing and hope for the best. 

AMPLIFY: Lastly, what’s coming up next for Grim Streaker?

Grim Streaker: Our EP is coming out this summer. We’ll also be playing a bunch of shows during Northside Festival in Brooklyn this June.


To learn more about Grim Streaker and listen to some tunes, click here and here.

All photos courtesy of Grim Streaker.

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