Fat Sun Releases New Self-Titled Album

A sunspot is defined as a phenomena on  the sun’s surface that stands out from its surroundings. Despite its association with an astronomical lexicon, the term is also applicable to the work of an incredibly dynamic band from Florida.

Rockers Fat Sun (composed of Preston Small, Daniel Zerbo, Franco Ruiz, and Jesus Arteaga) recently released their new self-titled album with Ghost Drag Records, and, akin to a sunspot, the work has undeniably caused them to stand out as a unique and competitive musical entity.  The album boasts seven tracks that all differentiate from one another in terms of dynamic and tone, causing the album to serve as a sonic sample platter of Fat Sun’s many artistic capabilities.

The album opens with the entrancingly eerie “How It Goes,” a track that would have fit right in on Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Its inventive and alluring nature serves as the perfect introduction to an alum that offers a wide array of musical creativity. The track is then followed by “Major Burns,” which offers a perfect auditory balance between the light and the large; the verses are light and jaunty-and then seaways into an incredibly tenacious, high-voltage guitar riff that strikes the song with an intoxicating electric current. The balance serves the song well, and showcases Fat Sun’s ability to effectively execute rapid dynamic transitions.

Sonically, “Freda” is a track as warm and dreamy as a summer night. The combination of upbeat guitar riffs and ethereal vocal harmonies generates a sense of complete and utter bliss. Lyrically, the song tells a story of longing and bypassed opportunity. The tonal contrast between the music and the lyrics  results in “Freda” becoming an undeniably engaging artistic work.

“Why Why” exudes groove all while incorporating a touch of blues. Its rhythmic nature and intricate guitar riffs perfectly compliment one another, resulting in the creation of a melody that’s irresistibly memorable. Of a similar vein is “Hot Air,” which mixes the ethereal with the effervescent. Its stylistically innovative nature causes the track to stand out, and its incorporation of an absolutely killer guitar solo solidifies its status as a unique and entirely  tenacious rock song.

“Sleeping Giant” is thoroughly euphoric and tranquil; its use of acoustic guitar and dreamlike vocals generates a sonic haze that the listener will have no desire to emerge from. The track is blissfully encapsulating and graceful, its phantasmagorical nature appropriately contrasting from the album’s more upbeat and rock-oriented nature. The work displayed on “Sleeping Giant” proves evident that Fat Sun has a wide array of sonic capabilities.

The album concludes with “Zig Zag Orange,” a bolt of lightning in the form of a three minute song. The song is a striking burst of power from the very first notes, and this sense of electricity prevails throughout its entire duration. The headbang-inducing track absolutely radiates energy and musical skill. It’s bold, it’s alive, and it’s musically engaging. Intensity is radiated from each and every instrument; the track showcases the talents and capabilities of each musician all while still displaying their overall cohesion as a unit.

Often times, a band is characterized by having a distinctive sound or style. This isn’t the case with Fat Sun; their work is peppered with musical variety in every sense which causes them to stand out in a niche-oriented industry. The band’s inventive nature cements their status as rock and roll strongholds, and will likely serve them well in all their future endeavors.






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