Artist Spotlight: 8-bit crEEps


Chicago-based rockers 8-bit crEEps are propelling the successful integration of electronic sounds into classic rock and roll. The degree of innovation that is poured into their work captures the ear in the same way a good book captures the mind, a prominent consistency among each song within their body of work.

Earlier this month, 8-bit crEEps released their most recent work, “Nikola & the Wolf.” The release contains two tracks, “Black Wolf” and “Tesla Coil Magnet Train,” that each contain different elements that distinguish them as individually notable musical works. “Black Wolf” kicks off with a powerful sonic build that instantaneously strikes the listener with a sense of anticipation as to what lies ahead on the auditory adventure the song offers. 8-bit crEEps succeeds in successfully combining the sounds of several different instruments to streamline a unique sound that is both entrancing and intoxicating to the ear. This skill is heavily displayed throughout the duration of “Black Wolf,” as the keyboard-generated electronic sounds are seamlessly intertwined with the tenacious potency of the haunting guitar riffs and thunderous drums.  The track is the ultimate nexus between dreaminess and danger, and this ability to sonically distinguish in such a distinctive manner is what makes the work of 8-bit crEEps undeniably notable.


These striking creative elements are also highly prominent within “Tesla Coil Magnet Train.” The  first few notes of the song’s energetic opening guitar riff makes it blatantly apparent to the listener that they are about to hear a work that exudes energy and a deeply multidimensional nature. The ingenious interlacing of electronic sounds with the tenacious and bold nature of rock and roll gives the song an utterly infectious electric zing. “Tesla Coil Magnet Trail” is a full-throttle and robust work that is both haunting and hardcore. Moreover, it highlights the band’s astounding ability to successfully combine a variety of musical elements into one cohesive unit.


8-bit crEEps have been displaying their knack for generating sonic cohesion long before the release of “Nikola & the Wolf.” In 2016, the band released two tracks on a digital single entitled “New Zoo” and “Take Your Vitamins” that serve as strong examples of the band’s dedication to artistic innovation. The ethereal opening notes of “New Zoo” serve as mesmerizing catalyst for shivers down the spine and raised hair on the arms-all before launching into the delightfully gritty and rhythmic main riff that effortlessly combines electronic sounds with vehement drums. It serves as an artistic foil to “Take Your Vitamins,” a work with a beguiling and beautifully eerie nature that still very much maintains the tenacious nature that permeates all of 8-bit crEEps’ work.

8-bit crEEps have combined more than simply musical elements; they have also integrated art and human rights. This past November, the band released a track entitled “Ghost Dance.” As stated on their bandcamp page, the song is a reference to a dance that was performed by the Lakota and Sioux tribes before the massacre at Wounded Knee. They dedicated the song to “their perseverance despite the continued injustices they have endured over generations,” specifically citing Standing Rock and wrote that a percentage of all purchases made on their page will be donated to its relief efforts. 8-bit crEEps are using their work to make a positive impact on some of the most pressing societal issues, and that is of extreme significance and importance.


April has been an exciting month for 8-bit CrEEps. In addition to the release of “Nikola & the Wolf,” the band recently played a benefit show for Haven Studio at Chicago’s own Whistler, and recently had their work played on 101 WKQX as well. Given the band’s masterful and creative nature, the future will undeniably continue to brighten. 8-bit crEEps isn’t afraid to take an exploratory and imaginative approach to their work, and this ability to artistically transcend in such a way makes them one of the most sonically unique bands playing a role in Chicago’s rock and roll renaissance.

To learn more about 8-bit crEEps and listen to their work, click here to visit their bandcamp page

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