Timothy Eerie’s “Heterochromia” Gives Psychedelic Rock a Modern Revamp


Orlando-based rockers Timothy Eerie are breathing a new life into psychedelia. The band released their debut EP “Heterochromia” last August, and in doing so they generated a modernized twist on traditionalized psychedelic rock.  This innovative artistic endeavor has made them contemporary pioneers of the resurrection of a genre that has long been vacated from the ears of society-until now.

Lovers of Pink Floyd will revel in the EP’s closing track, “Feeling Human.” The composition is a rich blend between the entrancing and the innovative, nuanced by dreamlike vocals melodic guitar sounds. “Great Depression” utilizes that same otherworldly essence, but adds a dash of tenacity to result in a piece of music that is brimming with dynamics and sonic complexity. “Divine Climax” is the ultimate auditory cocktail between psychedelia and blues, streamlining the stylistic hybrid to generate a sonically inventive finished product. Heterochromia’s  opener, “Back Burning Boy,” serves as a jaunty foil to the EP’s more melodic tracks; the song is a delectable explosion of ’60s pop/rock that is absolutely  irresistible to the ear.

It takes a significant amount of raw talent for a group of musicians to be able to immaculately encapsulate the sounds and stylings of a time period that occurred long before their existence. Not only does Timothy Eerie do just that, but they make it their own. They harness the sounds of one of music’s most enriching periods in history and infuse it with their own sense of artistic individuality. Their work masterfully blends the tender with the tenacious, and is wholeheartedly distinctive as a result.

Timothy Eerie embodies all the qualities that make an artist truly original. Their work is multifaceted; each individual song on “Heterochromia” is an entracning auditory journey that takes listeners through wailing guitar solos, bluesy drum beats, trancelike keyboard riffs, hazy vocals, and back again. The individual tracks exude individual intricacy, and are utterly seamless when pieced together on the EP. The innovation behind Timothy Eerie’s work astounds, and will undeniably continue to do so in their future artistic endeavors.


Click here to listen to Heterochromia on Timothy Eerie’s bandcamp page


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