Plastic Pinks Lead Charge into New Rock N’ Roll Revolution


Rock and roll old souls are in for an absolute treat with the work of Miami rockers Plastic Pinks. The band (composed of Augie Pink, June Summer, Rod Woolf, Trevor Mustoe, and Dane Giordano) has been releasing soul shaking rock songs over their four years as an entity that rival those of what has arguably been considered the genre’s golden era. Their  work contains a degree of sonic vitality that’s reminiscent of Iggy & The Stooges, and their stage presence contains the same infectious energy embodied by any artist that would have been gigging on the Sunset Strip in the ’70s.

KISS bassist Gene Simmons once claimed that “rock is dead,” but bands such as Plastic Pinks are riding on the forefront of a brand new rock and roll golden era.

Late last year, Plastic Pinks released an EP entitled “El Animal” on Ghost Drag Records. The EP boasts six equally vivacious tracks that are undeniably hardcore. “My Frenzy State” is something of an audible lightning bolt, jolting listeners through a nexus of electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drums. The EP’s titular track is an effortless blend between blues and the tenacious rock and roll sound that Plastic Pinks has perfected. Moreover, the band displays their vocal chops through harmonies in the chorus of “Buzzer,” a track that is sonically memorable due to its indisputable catchiness. The EP highlights what is perhaps Plastic Pinks’ strongest asset: their ability to employ musical innovation to generate exuberant, original-sounding rock songs.

Perhaps it is this level of innovative skill that resulted in the band’s quick transcendence from their local scene in Miami. Since their formation, Plastic Pinks have toured throughout Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Through these endeavors, Plastic Pinks has performed with artists such as Television, Ty Segall, and The Black Lips. Despite having performed in numerous locations nationally and internationally, the band seems to find a way to stay connected to their local roots through it all: their next gig is with the band Froth at Churchill’s Pub in Miami.

One thing is certain: if Gene Simmons listened to Plastic Pinks, he’d eat his words.


To learn more about Plastic Pinks and listen to some tunes, click here to visit their bandcamp page.






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