Exclusive: Elk Walking Releases New Single “Out Of My Mind”

Chicago indie rockers Elk Walking debut the lyric video for their new single “Out Of My Mind.” The single will be apart of their upcoming album Between Us, which is set to be released this coming summer.

Elk Walking (composed of Savanna Dickhut, Julian Daniell, Jeff Sullivan, Tyler Ommen, and JB Bartlett) is a  breath of fresh air in a time where modern music is either peppered with excessive reverb or repetitive, synthesized backbeats. “Out Of My Mind” is certainly of  no exception to the band’s distinguished, pristine sound.

“Out Of My Mind” immaculately exemplifies Elk Walking’s dynamic approach to their craft.The track offers a high degree of lyrical connectivity as Dickhut sings of the oh so human experience of having another individual stain your brain, and craving disconnect as a result. Dickhut’s vocal stylings are the perfect nexus between soulful and sweet, and when her voice combines with Daniell’s in harmony, it reveals a degree of stylistic innovation that distinguishes the band as superb auditory craftsmen.

OOMM artwork
“Out Of My Mind” artwork by Mairead Zigulich

It is all too often that artists tend to never stray too far from one sound or style, but Elk Walking artistically thrives in cultivating many into their body of work. Akin to  The Allman Brothers, Elk Walking succeeds in drawing musical elements from blues, jazz, and rock and combining them to generate a work that is fresh and inventive.

“Out Of My Mind” exemplifies this talent. The delightfully twangy guitar and rollicking drum beat energizes the track, and, sonically speaking, could be at home in either of the three genres listed above. As a result, this skill makes Elk Walking’s work appealing to a wider variety of individuals.

The summer release of Between Us will be followed by a Midwest tour. Get ready folks, you won’t want to miss this.

To learn more about Elk Walking, click here to visit their website.

One thought on “Exclusive: Elk Walking Releases New Single “Out Of My Mind”

  1. Julian and Savanna,
    Great tune, I love the energy in the music and.the optimism in the lyrics. Pretty cool to be compared to the Allman Brothers Band, that is a pretty high accomplishment in most circles of music, especially mine! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to you next CD!


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