Lilith Releases New EP, ‘Apology Plant’

February is a month filled with several exciting, highly anticipated new releases. To no exception is Apology Plant, the new EP of Boston-based trio Lilith. Apology Plant serves as a more musically audacious foil to the band’s first EP, In Warm Weather, which contains a bit of a lighter and more jaunty tone than its newer counterpart.

What makes Lilith’s work on Apology Plant so noteworthy is their ability to blend ethereal dreaminess with tenacious rock and roll. The result, of course, is five tracks that are equally masterful in both a musical and lyrical sense. The EP’s opening track, “Loaded,” perfectly exemplifies the band’s knack for blending the bold with the beautiful; vocalist Hannah Liuzzo sings gorgeous airy notes over rollicking drums and wailing electric guitars. This nexus of loveliness and grit is precisely what makes Apology Plant  intoxicating to the ear, and a distinguishable musical work in its own right.

Yet another eminent feature of Apology Plant are the purely humanistic lyrics that touch on the rawest of human emotions: rejection, longing, emptiness, and more. This skill is strikingly displayed in “Lean,” a track that tells of the disillusionment that comes with no longer being in the life of someone who once mattered. As a result of Lilith’s ability to flawlessly represent the human experience through art, listeners can’t help but feel deeply connected with the stories told on each and every track of Apology Plant.

Apology Plant is the perfect auditory nexus between grace and grit. By employing a sense of artful authenticity, Lilith has rightfully established themselves as lo-fi wunderkinds.





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