Rock N’ Roll Wunderkind: An Interview with Joe Bordenaro


It’s hard to find talent as unique and refreshing as Joe Bordenaro. Two years ago, the Lockport, IL native released an impressive EP entitled ‘Physical Education’ whose five tracks are not only musically intricate, but infectious and convivial to the ear. One year later, he continued to rise through the ranks with his band Joe Bordenaro & The Late Bloomers. Since, the band has earned itself a deserving following after playing gigs all throughout the Chicagoland area with artists such as The Orwells, Petty Crimes, Sunflower Bean, and more.

Joe Bordenaro truly embodies all it means to be an artist in every sense of the word. I had the opportunity to ask him about what inspires his creative process, what it was like to shoot the impeccably done music video for his single “Taller Man,” and what’s coming up next for him and The Late Bloomers. Read on:



AMPLIFY: The music video for “Taller Man” is totally cool, and seems like it was a blast to make. What was filming like, and how did you come up with the concept for it?

JB: It was a lot of fun. Ryan Ohm and Jackson James came out to Lockport to film it for the whole day. There’s a place downtown called Dellwood Park which is where most of it was filmed. The goal was to make a cheesy video of a gang of friends who get sidetracked with bullies and magical bicycles, which I think was accomplished.

AMPLIFY: What aspect of your work are you most proud of?

JB: At this point, I find myself spending most of my time being caught up in writing and recording songs. I think out of all the aspects of being a musician, I hold the transfer of songs going from ideas to recordings the highest. I’m very proud of The Late Bloomers who practice their bums off with me. We are all growing as musicians together which is cool to see happening.

AMPLIFY: How has Chicago’s DIY community shaped you as an artist?

JB: Living in Chicago right now is amazing. There’s lots of rock stars out here. It is a blessing to be able to be surrounded by a whole community of people who encourage one another and share the same passion. That was something that was kind of hard to find in Lockport.

AMPLIFY: What moves you to create?

JB: To me, creating music is like getting a massage and I always want a massage.

AMPLIFY: It must have been so exciting to have your first EP, Physical Education, be released. What was that experience like?

JB:It was really exciting since that was the first time I had ever released any music. The day after I finished the final song for that EP is when I shot the cover with my brother Justin and came up with the title. Then the next day I put it on the internet so it all just kind of fleshed itself out rather quickly. There was no time to second guess anything.

AMPLIFY: You guys are awesome live. Do  you have any special pre-show traditions or rituals?

JB: As of now we don’t have any pre-show rituals… maybe using the bathroom a couple times.

AMPLIFY: Your music seems like it would be just as fun to create as it is to listen to. What is your creative process like when working on new material?

JB: Usually a melody will come to mind or I’ll be playing guitar or piano until I hear something I like. I also spend the majority of my day listening to music. I try and pay attention to the structure and instrumentation of songs that I love and use that to kind of guide my way.

AMPLIFY: What emotions or feeling do you hope people experience when listening to your music?

JB:  I guess I just want my music to help people get through the day. Certain records or bands have been readily available for me to listen to whenever I feel the need so I would hope that I can provide that for other people.

AMPLIFY: Which artists have been the most impactful to you, both as an individual and as a musician?

JB: This is a pretty tough question. Looking through my recently played music it looks like I am into Bruce, Lou, ELO, and Fleetwood Mac. Favorite song as a kid was Grease Lightening.

 AMPLIFY: Lastly, what’s coming up next for you and The Late Bloomers?

JB: Biggest focus for me right now is getting out home studio dialed in and getting a debut record finished. We are gonna keep playing shows as we do and continue getting tighter as a band.

-Interview by Lindsay Teske

To learn more about Joe Bordenaro and listen to his  music, click here, here, and here. 

{Special thanks to Joe for taking the time to thoughtfully answer all of the questions!}

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