Cherry Glazerr Releases 2nd LP, ‘Apocalipstick’

Apocalipstick is the second LP of rock power trio Cherry Glazerr, fronted by Clementine Creevy-a true rocker in her own right at age 19. The album serves as the more musically and lyrically audacious foil to the band’s first LP, Haxel Princess, which had a heavy artistic focus on the nuances of teenhood. The higher level of artistic sophistication is immediately evident upon hearing the first notes of the album’s opening track, “Told You I’d Be With the Guys.” The song’s hallmark gritty, addictive guitar hook can’t help but linger in the minds of listeners long after it has reached its conclusion. Worthy of mention is the lyrically masterful “Nuclear Bomb,” a track that can’t help but truly make the listeners feel. The nexus between the music and the lyrics generates nothing short of the ultimate auditory experience.

Over email Creevy revealed that to her, the most rewarding aspect of creating Apocalipstick is Cherry Glazerr’s dedication to their craft: “I’m proud of all the energy and heart we put into making music together. Always will be.” The band’s devotion to and love for the creative process has been a constant throughout their career, and is completely palpable to the listener in each and every song. Whether Cherry Glazerr be singing about Power Puff Girls and pizza (as in Haxel Princess’ “Bloody Bandaid”) or the importance of female unity (“Told You I’d Be With the Guys”), Cherry Glazerr is a band that gives it their all, and that was again wholeheartedly evident with Apocalipstick.

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