Bands to See Live in 2017: Post Animal

Attending a live music performance is perhaps one of the most raw and authentic means of experiencing art. However, it takes a truly notable group of musicians to transcend the experience from powerful to electrifying.

Post Animal has mastered the art of doing just that.

The Chicago-based rockers (composed of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Joe Keery, Matt Williams, and Wesley Toledo) rapidly gained a loyal fan base after playing a series of gigs in late 2016 with other celebrated local artists such as The Walters, Twin Peaks, and The Orwells. Though concertgoers often see Post Animal share the stage with two or three other bands a night, it is their set that remains the most distinguished among any lineup in which they are included. Not only is their music the perfect auditory nexus of ethereal dreaminess and tenacious rock and roll, but they possess a stage presence that is highly infectious and energetic. The fusion of the two makes Post Animal one of the most thrilling bands to see live.

Post Animal’s charismatic stage presence is palpable from the moment they set foot onstage, and they excel in winning over the audience almost instantaneously as a result of this. From the first song’s count off to their departure from the stage, Post Animal consistently looks genuinely happy to be performing.Their energy and blatant passion for their art are undeniably magnetic, and they consistently take victory in captivating the audience for the entire duration of their set. This is a quality that very few artists are able to consistently re-ignite in their live performances. To Post Animal, on the other hand, this quality is almost second nature.

This phenomenon can perhaps best be exemplified each time the band plays “You Were Not There,” a rollicking and nuanced track that has quickly become a crowd favorite. Serving as an exuberant foil to the band’s trademark smooth psychedelic sound, “You Were Not There” instantaneously casts a wave of electricity throughout the audience from  moment Toledo begins the song with its signature roaring drum fill.  With this song, Post Animal exercises their  uncanny ability to turn an entire venue into a delightful pandemonium by the beat of a drum and the strike of a chord. If an artist finds away to instantaneously ignite thrill within an audience in the way that Post Animal does naturally, then they will have every right and reason to consider themselves successful.

In live performance, it is all too often that the fuel and fire behind it burns out when a piece with a slower tempo is played. Post Animal consistently dodges this common trap, which is not only a testimony to their vigor as performers, but to the multidimensional nature of their work that sustains the interest of the ear and the mind alike. This talent is most notably displayed through a track off their EP, The Garden Series, entitled “When I Get Home.” The slow, dreamy jam is just as multifaceted as it is skillful, for  it contains several musically distinctive sections that flow together with the ease of milk and honey. “When I Get Home” falls nothing short of audible beauty, and its various intricacies gift the audience with an engaging and idyllic musical experience.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Post Animal’s live performances is that some of the most beloved songs in their repertoire have yet to see a formal release. A standard closer for the band is an inventive, vivacious piece that opens with a lively key sequence played by Hirshland that sets the song’s playful tone. The song is also an energetic lead vocal for Keery, whose pure excitement when performing the piece is undeniably compelling. The fact that their unreleased content is just as much of a crowd favorite as the beloved tracks on The Garden Series and their album Performing the Most Curious Water Activities speaks volumes about the momentum the band as already gained, and the positive direction in which they are destined to head in their future endeavors.

With a body of work that is equally as melodic as it is magical, Post Animal has consistently excelled in delivering impeccable live performances. As a result of this their name has spread like wildfire across the Chicago music scene, a community in which they have been quickly embraced as a result of their musicianship and artistry. Their high level of sheer talent and ingenious sound naturally distinguishes them from the rest. At the end of the night when the house lights go up and the venue clears out, it is Post Animal’s set that will linger in the minds of audience members long after the night has come to a close.

To learn more about Post Animal and listen to their music, please visit the links below:

Post Animal on Bandcamp

Post Animal on Facebook

Post Animal on YouTube


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