Rock and Roll’s Golden Era Lives On Through KAATO


The 1970s are indisputably recognized as rock and roll’s “golden era.” It was a time when the Sunset Strip served as a hardcore haven, vinyl sales were booming, and bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Foreigner dominated the airwaves. The music of that era contained such a unique and distinctive sound that the world seems to collectively find infectious. However, it is a sound that largely seemed to die out with rock’s golden era-until KAATO came along.

Lovers of 70s rock, rejoice: the torch is being carried by a band whose work has proved them more than capable of doing so.

KAATO’s music, through its intoxicating guitar hooks and powerhouse vocals, is an audible time machine back to an era where music existed in its rawest and most authentic form; a time where seeing the byline of Lester Bangs was the norm and CBGB was first beginning to emerge on the scene. Through their work, KAATO has mastered the art capturing the essential flavors of classic 70s rock while simultaneously making the sound their own, creating work that is truly unique and unparalleled as a result.

Back in the day, vocalist Kurt Lowney would have given Foreigner’s Lou Gramm a run for his money. The Australia native boasts an impressive vocal range that largely contributes to the band’s ability to achieve their signature delightfully nostalgic sound. In a world where the hushed tones of indie artists prevail, Lowney stands out as one of the most robust rock vocalists of modern time.

KAATO’s lineup is completed by Mitch Malloy on guitar, Tristan Avakian on lead guitar, and Mika Nuutinen on bass-a group of musicians that are wholeheartedly talented by anyone’s standards. The guitar work done by Malloy and Avakian is just as memorable as it is innovative; the hooks and riffs of KAATO’s songs linger in the brain like a warm childhood memory. That-paired with Nuutinen’s strong and steady bass lines and Lowney’s  pristine pipes-results in nothing short of a rock and roll prodigy.

KAATO is a standout because their music is just as fun as it is skillful. The band has mastered the art of creating music that could easily get a whole stadium singing along. Each individual song of theirs contains an irresistable energy that makes listening to their work a pure act of joy. “High Time” is a rollicking track that is just as cool and polished as it is jovial and captivating. Furthermore, from its very first note, “Guilty Go Free” is jam-packed with rock and roll authority. In addition to containing a highly intricate and dynamic collaboration between Malloy and Avakian’s guitars, the lyrics offer an insightful commentary on the injustices  that plague society. KAATO has consistently created music that is unique, masterful,  and enchanting-they will undeniably hold a strong presence for years to come.

KAATO is one of the more distinguished, advanced groups to grace the modern rock scene. Their ability to emulate the sounds of a time long before they came about, while still incorporating their own musical identity, makes their work as refreshing as a cool drink of water on a hot day. The band’s existing body of work is strong by anyone’s standards and will undeniably propel KAATO into the longevity they are oh so worthy of. This is a band that, without a shade of doubt, the  founding fathers of rock and roll would happily pass the baton to.

To learn more about KAATO and listen to their music, please see the links below:

Visit KAATO’s website

Visit KAATO’s Youtube channel

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